Where to Buy

Where to Purchase

GeoVision distributes through authorized resellers, which are referred to customers by emailing sales@usavisionsys.com, or by telephone at (949)583-1519. The legitimacy of a distributor can only be confirmed by GeoVision; any company that is not in direct affiliation with GeoVision and is falsely advertising as an authorized reseller may be infringing copyrighted material and GeoVision does not guarantee the authenticity or provide warranty on products sold through said resellers.

Recently, there have been cases of companies posting websites carrying the GeoVision logo and selling products without GeoVision’s consent and some products have been proven to be counterfeits. Based on customer report, these companies often operate with minimal resources and cannot offer support or service on products sold. In order to secure your investment, please always purchase through GeoVision’s authorized channels or contact GeoVision’s U.S. office, located at 9235 – 9237 Research Dr., Irvine, CA 92618.

For websites that do not affiliate with GeoVision and are not authorized to resell GeoVision products, GeoVision reserves the right to take legal action against any possible acts of copyright and patent infringement, as well as the violation of the good faith of business practice demonstrated by the companies.

*NEW* In order to better serve our East coast customer, we have extended our office hour from 5:00am to 5:30pm PST Monday to Friday.
Warranty Exclusions

GeoVision’s warranty policy applies only on products sold through authorized channels. GeoVision is not obligated under any circumstances to provide warranty or service on products under any of the following conditions:

  1. Product has been modified in any way regardless of cause (i.e. serial number on the product has been removed or altered)
  2. Product has been subjected to misuse or damage (including physical abuse, improper installation, water damage, computer virus, etc.)
  3. Product is purchased through an unauthorized reseller (i.e. internet auction sites such as eBay or any other unauthorized resellers)


Unauthorized channels

  1. eBay
  2. Amazon
  3. Any auction websites
  4. DinoDirect (customer reported counterfeit cards!)
  5. NewworldIT
  6. allgeovision.com
  7. allmilestonesystems.com
  8. allsecurityelectronics.net
  9. gvdvrcard.com
  10. surveillent.net
  11. salestores.com
  12. supplyCCTV.com
  13. geminicomputersinc.com (customer reported refurbished units!)
  14. GeminiComputers.com

U.S. Corporate Office
USA Vision Systems Inc.
9235 Research Drive. Irvine, CA 92618 USA
Tel: +1-949-583-1519
Toll Free: 1-866-636-8886
Fax: +1-949-583-1522
Email: sales@usavisionsys.com
Map: Map Location
Hours: Mon. – Fri. 7:00 am to 5:30 pm PST

New York Office
USA Vision Systems Inc.
333 Westchester Ave, Suite #S209, White Plains, NY, 10604 USA
Email: uvsny@usavisionsys.com
Sales: +1-845-661-0443, +1-845-661-9072
Map: Map Location

Indianapolis Office
USA Vision Systems Inc.
12550 Promise Creek Lane, Suite #116, Fishers, IN, 46038 USA
Email: uvsin@usavisionsys.com
Sales: +1-949-583-1519
Map: Map Location

Dallas Office
USA Vision Systems Inc.
1555 Valwood Parkway, Suite #150, Carrollton, TX 75006 USA
Email: UVSTX@usavisionsys.com
Sales: +1-949-583-1519 x311

Montreal Office
Geovision Surveillance Canada, Inc.
3353 Griffith Saint-Laurent Montreal, Quebec, H4T IW5
Fax: 514-687-9975
Email: GVCANADA@usavisionsys.com
Sales: +1-514-687-9970

Taipei Office
GeoVision Inc.
9F., No. 246, Sec. 1, Neihu Rd., Neihu Chiu, Taipei 114, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-8797-8377
Fax: +886-2-8797-8335
Email: sales@geovision.com.tw

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