How do i spec. the hardware requirements for Control Center?

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How do i spec. the hardware requirements for Control Center?

Postby UVS_Tony » July 7th, 2014, 10:02 am

Rules of Thumb

-Dual Streaming will always show up more efficiently and use less hardware resources then Single Stream Cameras

-Use of a External Graphics Card to do GPU Decoding will allow you to either increase the amount of cameras or increase framerate for 1 MegaPixel / 2 MegaPixel IP Cameras

-Fisheye GPU Decoding uses more CPU and Ram resources to Dewarp the Image

-If needed, decreasing the Frames per Second or FPS may help decrease CPU Utilization in this regard

Control Center_Hardware_specifications_july7.pdf
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Does Control Center have a memory or hard drive limitation like the GV-DVR/NVR Software?

No it does not. As it is not recording, the main limitations are the amount of network cards, CPU, and RAM required to display the cameras on the monitors

How do i calculate the number of Network Cards i need for Control Center?

By Looking at the [url=""]Geovision HDD and Bandwidth Calculator[/url], you can either determine the exact bandwidth needed or assume that each camera takes at most 5 MBPS per a camera.

How do i determine the amount of Cameras that i can display at a time?

Simply look for the relevant systems Specifications on the left and get an "average" Megapixel resolution in which your system has. Look at the relevant columns with the Frames per a second under your average resolution and determine how many Frames per a second your system can handle.

ex. Customers has nearly 192 CIF Resolutions cameras coming in from a very large Video Server Deployment. At the CIF Resolution, an I7-860 can handle up to 960+ Frames per a Second. The customer could either use one Control Center system to display 192 Cameras with 5 FPS or use more Control Center Systems in order to increase the subsequent FPS on the cameras.

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