LPR dongle suddenly stopped working

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LPR dongle suddenly stopped working

Postby UVS_Christine » February 21st, 2017, 9:52 am

Issue: LPR dongle suddenly stopped working, GVUsbKeyUpClient.exe gives a "Can't Load Key(s)" error.

Tried every usb port in multiple systems with different versions of ASManager (including the latest), re-download and reinstall usb drivers, reboot pc multiple times, made sure the dongle shows up properly in Windows Device Manager, Windows Update was disabled.

Solution: Refer to the Dongle_Inability_to_Identify_LPR_Dongle.pdf attached for the full instructions.

1. Download and unzip NewLPR_GVUsbKeyUpClient.zip.
2. Use GvUsbKeyUpClient.exe V1.4.7.1 to check the dongle information.
3. If it still shows "Can't Load Key(s)", RMA the dongle.
4. If the dongle information shows up, close Control Center Service and the software, and copy/paste/replace GeoRecogProcess.dll V4.4.3 into C:\GV-xxx.
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