Upgrade firmware of GV-EBD/A/T cams, SD2322//2722/3732 cams?

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Upgrade firmware of GV-EBD/A/T cams, SD2322//2722/3732 cams?

Postby UVS_Bruce » May 24th, 2019, 1:56 pm

Note that this document is ONLY for upgrading cameras beginning with GV-EBD/A/T and GV-SD2322/3732-IR. For all other camera models, see here.

Firmware upgrade can be performed from the web interface of the IP camera.

If you do not yet have the firmware file click here for how to download firmware.
DO NOT extract new firmware after downloading

Go to IP camera's web interface in Internet Explorer.
  1. Click Setup at the top. If you see a banner saying Your "Password is weak..." click OFF to close the banner
  2. Click System
  3. Click Maintenance
  4. Click Browse and select the entire zipped, not-extracted firmware file
  5. Click Upgrade. Once the upgrade is complete, the camera will reboot, and the firmware upgrade process will be complete.
    Checking "Upgrade Boot Program" is only necessary if you are jumping from a very old firmware version to the latest. Only check this if your firmware upgrade fails the first time.
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Alternatively, GV-IP Device Utility can be used to perform fast firmware upgrade to all applicable IP devices within the same network.
  1. Download and extract new firmware for desired IP Devices.
  2. Refer to the IP Device Utility User Guide Chapter 4 for how to perform firmware upgrade.
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