GV-Eye (mobile app)

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GV-Eye (mobile app)

Postby UVS_Bruce » May 6th, 2019, 6:41 am


Smartphone Apps product page

GV-Eye Installation Guide (for iOS and Android)
GV-Eye Installation Guide

Section 6.1 is for how to configure GV software before connecting to GV-Eye. Refer to the section that represents the software which you are using (GV-VMS, GV-DVR/NVR, or GV-Recording Server)
If wishing to use QR Code scanning instead of port forwarding (available only on certain software/firmware versions), it is required to create a GV-Relay account. See Chapter 5 for this information.
For GV-SNVR, click Setting > Service > Mobile APP and select Enable. If network configuration is established, you will see a green check with Connected.

Section 6.4 is for how to add the GV software/hardware to GV-Eye.

Important note: If you are using GV-Eye on the same local network as the GV software/hardware, it may be required to turn your phone WiFi OFF in order to connect.
This is because some routers do not support accessing the public ip address while you are on the local network.

For any questions, click the Enter Live Chat button in the upper right of this page, contact technical support at (949) 583-1519 ext2, or email support@usavisionsys.com.
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