How to Video: GV-CS1320 to ASManager with GV-Access support

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How to Video: GV-CS1320 to ASManager with GV-Access support

Postby UVS_Bruce » November 26th, 2019, 9:30 am

Instructional video for how to setup GV-CS1320 controller, with built in 2MP camera and 13.56 MHz reader, to GV-ASManager with GV-Access (mobile app) support.

It is strongly advised to have the CS1320 controller on the latest firmware version available (currently v3.01) and GV-ASManager on the latest software version able (currently v5.20).
GV-CS1320 firmware version available here
GV-ASManager software version available here
How to upgrade CS1320 firmware
IMPORTANT - upgrading CS1320 firmware from v2.20 or earlier
How to backup and upgrade ASManager software

Youtube link
1. Video clip has no audio
2. Your particular router may have different port forwarding configurations. GeoVision is not able to provide support for how to do port forwarding on the router.

You may also refer to step-by-step instructional guide available here
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