[Digital Signage] How to implement a Schedule on the PN300

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[Digital Signage] How to implement a Schedule on the PN300

Postby UVS_Tony » October 30th, 2014, 2:38 pm

The Scenario schedule will work in the digital signage box when the A) Time is correct on the digital signage box and B) When the folder structure is correct when placing the content on the USB Drive / SD Card


1. Do not create a space in the Scenario Name if you want to include the Scenario in a content schedule.

Correct: Dinner

Incorrect: Dinner Show
1st Shift
Happy Hour

2. Make sure the time is correct on the Digital Singage Player as it will not automatically Sync to the system time on the Computer when connected through CMS Lite. To change the time on the PN300 Digital Signage Player, Click:

On the Remote, Click Menu --> Go to Time Adjustment --> Set the Local Time to the Correct Date and Time

ex. My current date is 10/30/2014 and its 2:33 PM. The correct time on the Time Adjustment is 2014/ 10 / 30 14:34

3. The correct File Structure when Placing Files on either the SDCARD or USB Drive Directly is:

ex. USB Drive ( H:)

the incorrect file structure is NOT H:\Output_Schedule\(Scenario and Schedule folders inside them)
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