Availability of H/W default buttons of GV-IP cameras

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Availability of H/W default buttons of GV-IP cameras

Postby UVS_Bruce » November 14th, 2019, 11:08 am

Most of GV-IP cameras have default buttons on their H/W (hardware), while some of GV-A, T and EBD series do not.
Hence, we’ve listed out the availability of H/W default buttons, especially for GV-A, T and EBD series.

If the GV-IP camera is unreachable on the network and it happens not to have a H/W default button, please contact
technical support for troubleshooting suggestions.

For the specified location of H/W default buttons on your camera model, please refer to the dedicated
IP Camera Quick Start Guide, available on official Geovision Download Page.

Below are the instructions for how to work the default buttons:
1. Keep the power and network cables (or PoE) connected to the camera.
2. Press and hold the default button.
2.1. For most of the GV-IP cameras, release the default button when the status LED blinks. This will take approx. 8-15 seconds.
2.2. For GV-A, T, and EBD series, release the default button when the IR LED shines.
2.2.1. If the default button doesn’t respond after pressing for 15 seconds, reboot the camera and try again within 10 minutes.
3. When the status LED fades, the process of loading default settings is completed and the camera reboots automatically.
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