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Example Issue: My cameras keep connecting and disconnecting in GV-VMS. How do I find out if I have a networking issue or something else?

PingInfoView is a third party tool which can be used to test the stability of the network connection of IP cameras.
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PingInfoView can be used to test the results of the network stability of cameras by checking how stably the cameras respond to Ping commands sent from the camera IP address.

If the PingInfoView shows a red light (failure) then that would indicate a networking issue causing an instability of the cameras. If the cameras Fail on PingInfoView, you can expect to see disconnection of cameras in GV-VMS.

Download, unzip, and run PingInfoView.exe to launch the program and see how responsive all the IP cameras are.
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How to work PingInfoView
  1. Click Ping Options
  2. Manually enter all of the IP addresses of cameras added to GV-VMS
  3. Leave default settings alone (timeout, size, seconds, and remember address list
  4. Click OK
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If the PingInfoView shows green lights for all of the cameras and 0% Failed, but the VMS still has issues with cameras randomly disconnecting, please contact us to investigate further.
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