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GV-Dispatch Server 230-DSPCH-000 Dispatch Server 55-DSPCH-000
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The GV-Dispatch Server is a computer with Dispatch software that works with GV-Center V2 servers and the GV-System / GV-VMS. The GV-Dispatch Server connects 25,000 GV-System / GV-VMS to 50 GV-Center V2 Pro servers and distributes the workload between online and offline GV-Center V2 servers. It utilizes load-balancing technique that distributes requests from event-triggered GV-System / GV-VMS evenly across a GV-Center V2 network. If one GV-Center V2 server starts to get swamped, the GV-Dispatch Server forwards requests to another GV-Center V2 server with more capacity. When one GV-Center V2 server fails to work, another can take over in the processing activity.

Important for large GV-Center V2 server farm: It is difficult to predict the number of requests from multiple GV-System / GV-VMS to a server
Suitable for businesses or franchise stores: usually accompanied with a large cluster of networked GV-System / GV-VMS in use and an enormous amount of surveillance service required
Streamlines networking processes: no single server will be overwhelmed from GV-System / GV-VMS to GV-Center V2 servers

Create, edit groups of GV-Center V2 servers and subscribers
Up to 50 GV-Center V2 servers and 25,000 GV-System / GV-VMS subscribers manageable
Network Load Balancing: Distribute GV-System / GV-VMS requests to GV-Center V2 servers by Group or by least connections available
Direct GV-Center V2 servers to GV-Dispatch server available
View real-time GV-Center V2 events and attached videos
Check, control GV-Center V2 online/offline status
View subscriber's address book and single-view Camera/Audio Control Panel
Control PTZ, play videos, and two-way audio via Camera/Audio Control Panel
Automatic connection recovery

Keep tracks of GV-Center V2 event logs and Dispatch logs
Recycle feature: Delete old files for non-stop recording
Search GV-Center V2 events by types, GV-Center V2 ID, event date, and time
Remote playback events with video attachments
Flag bookmarks for the highlight of important events

Display GV-Dispatch Servers status for system service, GV-Center V2 login/logout history, connection, control, and Dispatch status
Backup event lists and video files
Log Filter as a search engine

GV-Dispatch Server Specifications
Features GV-Dispatch Server
Maximum # of Channels 400,000
Maximum # of Subscribers 25,000
Maximum # of Center V2 50
Maximum # of Sensors / Alarms 3,600,000 / 3,600,000
Real-Time Audio Monitoring Yes
Remote PTZ Control Yes
Remote I/O Control No
Auto Recording No
Event List Viewer Yes
Event List Filter Yes
Dual Monitor Support No
Network Load Support Yes
Automatic Connection Recovery Yes
Supported Language

Standard Requirements
CPU Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz with HT
Memory 2 x 512 MB Dual Channels
Hard Disk 1 GB
Professional Requirements (Connects to 100 DVR subscribers or more)
CPU Core2 Duo E6600, 2.4 GHz
Memory 2 x 1 GB Dual Channels
Hard Disk 1 GB
Software License
50 Center V2 servers, 25000 subscribers from Center V2 servers
1. Dispatch
2. Dispatch + Vital Sign Monitor
Note: It is recommended to use the internal GV-USB Dongle to have the Hardware Watchdog function which restarts the PC when Windows crashes or freezes.

Datasheet pdf

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400-DSPCH-000 GV-Dispatch Server

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