Model No. Ordering Part No. Description SKU No.
GV-Video Wall N/A Video Wall Server 1 port upgrade (A control center dongle will be required for adding the video wall server ) CTRL001
GV-Control Center + GV-Video Wall 230-CTRVW-001 Control Center + Video Wall Server 1 port 55-CTRL001-0000
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GV-Video Wall

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With GV-Control Center, you can remotely configure and manage up to 200 Video Walls, each with a different layout. A video wall is an establishment of multiple monitors on a server, which is a PC installed with multiple graphic cards. Depending on the incoming IP sources, you can display actual-size images on the Video Wall.

On each Video Wall, you can:

  • display up to 288 IP channels
  • display actual size IP images
  • freely adjust the size and position of each channel, whether it be within or across monitors
  • display up to 16 zoomed channels with Zoom Window
  • display up to 16 Scan Window, each is capable of displaying up to 64 channels in turn, at customizable time interval
  • display up to 16 web pages with Web Window
  • play back up to 16 videos with Media Window
  • play back up to 16 videos with Remote ViewLog Window
  • display up to 288 channels of customized view region of remote monitors
  • display live views enabled from Remote E-Map


CPU Core i7 2600K, 3.4 GHz
Memory 16 GB Dual Channels
Hard Disk
with Video Wall function inserted to GV-Control Center
Note: To display a megapixel IP channel across monitors, make sure the external graphic cards on a server are of the same brand, model and driver version, and the capacity of graphic cards are of NVIDIA GTS 450 or higher to ensure maximum efficiency.
Software License
200 Video Wall servers (Each server can display up to 288 channels)
1 Video Wall server
1. Control Center + Video Wall (1 to 200 license)
2. Control Center + Vital Sign Monitor + Video Wall (1 to 200 license)
1. Make sure you insert a GV-USB dongle with Video Wall function to Control Center server.
2. It is recommended to use the internal GV-USB Dongle to have the Hardware Watchdog function which restarts the PC when Windows crashes or freezes.
Supported GeoVision IP Devices and Software
The Control Center is compatible with:
  • GV-System (GV-DVR/NVR) V8.5 or later
  • GV-VMS" V14.1 or later
  • GV-ASManager V4.3 or later
  • GV-SNVR0400F/GV-SNVR1600 firmware V1.1 or later

  • Each GV-Control Center can support up to 200 Video Walls with the appropriate dongle. For each Video Wall, you can install and display:
    Features Video Wall
    Maximum No. of Monitors Unlimited.
    *The maximum number of monitors allowed depends solely on the graphic cards installed to the Video Wall server.
    Maximum No. of Channels 288
    Scan Window / Channels 16 / 64
    Zoom Window 16
    Web Window 16
    Media Window 16
    Remote ViewLog Window 16
    Remote Monitor 288
    * On each Video Wall you can display a customized view region of a remote monitor.
    Live view from Remote E-Map 1
    Note: The total number of camera channels and Remote Monitors displayed on the Video Wall cannot exceed 288.

    With the appropriate dongles, the Control Center allows you to display application windows such as Remote eMap, GIS, Vital Sign Monitor, Remote Desktop and Remote ViewLog on the defined monitors, along with the Video Wall. This establishment is illustrated below.

    Optional Devices Description
    GV-Joystick V2 GV-Joystick V2 allows you to easily control PTZ cameras. It can be either plugged into the GV-Video Wall for independent use or connected to GV-Keyboard.
    Note: The control of GV-Video Wall using GV-Joystick V2 is supported by GV-Control Center V3.1.2 or later.
    GV-Keyboard V3 You can use GV-Keyboard V3 to control PTZ cameras and part of Zoom and Scan functions on GV-Video Wall.
    Note: The control of GV-Video Wall using GV-Joystick V2 is supported by GV-Control Center V3.1.2 or later.

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