How to install codec?

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How to install codec?

Postby UVS_Frank » July 14th, 2011, 12:41 pm

Updated 2019

    Codec Install Procedure
  1. Select and download codec version that matches the Multicam/VMS version in which the video was recorded with.
    (Find Multicam version on GV-DVR/NVR) (Find VMS version on GV-VMS)
    If you are not able to find the version the video was recorded with, you can try the most recent codec.
  2. Turn User Account Control Settings to Never Notify on Windows Control Panel. Reboot the PC afterwards.
    uac.png (102.75 KiB) Viewed 11286 times
  3. Extract the downloaded .zip codec file onto Desktop.
  4. Locate the file GeoCodecReg.exe from the extracted codec folder.
    reg.png (209.75 KiB) Viewed 11286 times
  5. Right-click GeoCodecReg.exe and choose Run as Administrator
    Note: Choose "Run as Administrator" even if you are logged in as the Admin account.
    Note: The codec installation process is almost instant. There will be no Success message.
  6. Play video file with Windows Media Player.
    Note: Windows 10 default media player is Movies and TV. Ensure the video file is opened with Windows Media Player

Note: If you are still unable to view the video, play the video through Remote Viewlog instead. Once you download/install/run the Remote Viewlog utility, you can just drag and drop your video into the utility.
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